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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Ishayas Techniques

The Ishayas Ascension... powerful meditation techniques to effortlessly transform your life. The Ishaya System of Excellence

The Ishaya system is a comprehensive method for self healing and the expansion of consciousness. It is easy to learn and use, and it brings about profound healing on the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual levels. No belief is required.

The Ishaya system of Excellence consists of the practice of 7 basic components:

1. The Ishaya Techniques or Keys

2. Focusing on consciousness

3. Feeling your emotions

4. Physical exercise

5. Drinking water

6. Being real and completely human
(made clearer in advanced meetings and intensives)
7. Always speaking your truth
(made clearer in advanced meetings and intensives)

The four techniques known as Ascension Attitudes. These are:

• The Praise Attitude

• The Gratitude Attitude

• The Love Attitude

• Cognition technique

Key number 1

"PRAISE (** E **) To God because of my life

(** E **) = is a word that you'll have to choose you to represent the most universal force of good. If you believe in God you can use God, or else you can use love, light, energy, peace. Any word that represents the maximum force of good for you. But that does not have a downside. Example: If you believe in god but him questions because there is hunger in the world and because it is so unfair on taking your dog, well then does not work, use another word.
My word is God but you can use the energy you want and change as you wish.

Example: PRAISE ENERGY because of MY LIFE

The person chooses a word that is conceptualized as positive. At that plays much the belief system.

That's the phrase you have to repeat endlessly and say and say it when you have to mentally visualize it from your face something comes up and expands.
Like a flash, one light. Sale of your face and spreads upward.
This is done repeatedly, it is thought the key and the end of the sentence is mentally visualize something goes up the mind and expands the universe.

Key number 2

"Thanks (** E **) for my body world exactly as it is."

Repeat this phrase and displays your entire body mentally and spreads through the heart forward. As if a light is transmitted through your whole body and out like a flash from the heart outward form of a flash forward. Sale perpendicular to the chest bone if you're lying comes up, if you're standing out ahead, if you're lying face down from the heart down.

Example: Thanks God for my body world exactly as it is

Key number 3

"(** E **) God loves me exactly as I am."

Repeat this sentence and is seen running from the heart in the same manner as in the previous key but your body go. Only from the heart forward. (This key is used to heal the belief that I am alone, or separated from the world)

Example: ENERGY loves me exactly as I am.

There is something bigger. Love others, but understand it can be (like your) best. This key has the number 3 is sure to accommodate many people, since it encourages not grow.

Key number 4


Repeat this key and mentally visualize the point 30cm in front of where our spine ends. Or is perpendicular to your body at the height of the pubic area forward.

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