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Monday, February 15, 2010


This prayer was written by me  based on bible verses and on some  switchwords recommended by the group members switchwords Yahoo and by  Kat Miller expert on the subject and beautiful person whom I admire greatly, it also includes words used in the practice of Ho oponopono 
I hope you like it.

Omnipotent master of all.  

Owner mine.
I ask your love Make us sweets such as fruits,
give us the sweetness of strawberries and honey,
make us beautiful as the flowers of the field,
rejuvenate us   as eagles,
give us the strength of the rhinos,
the sagacity of the tiger,
the power of the Lion
make us meek as doves.

Father Teach us to work in harmony and order as ants and bees.
Help us to always seek the light as do sunflowers,
let us fly free as butterflies and birds
Let us gather, stick together as the bunch of roses
Make strong our roots as Cedar, Pine, Oak and Mahogany
give us the flavor of Chocolate to be enjoyable to others
Protect us Father of the injuries and abuse,
cover us with thy holy mantle.
 always be our guide, our light, directs our steps.

Dance with Joy!!!


Anonymous said...

Precious Prayer. Thanks for sharing

rhodes said...

Dear Dorka,

So often I have called this beautiful Prayer after it has been picked for me by Kat.

It is SWEET -GRATITUDE and Beautiful Switchwords within that make it special and awesome!

You are special and I THANK YOU very much!!