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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Magic Of Psalms

Every morning I open the Bible and seek God's word to my day. All the time I found it wonderful shelter. I recommend you read the Psalms at any time of day. They are miraculous and magic is a way through which God speaks ... Blessings

This is a list to read the psalms . very helpful.. Enjoy this magical secret...

Psalm No. 1 The blessing that comes to the righteous people as a result of studying and keeping the law of
the Lord. To avoid evil and hate from people.
2 Rebel man - Ruler God. Read it before you do any work.
3 A call to the Lord in times of danger. To solve dispute between friends or family members.
4 A prayer for the night Before going to sleep. When you have a troubled night. For peace of
5 A morning prayer When they traduce you with lies. When they try to destroy your work.
6 A cry of dismay. To confront difficult sickness.
7 A prayer for protection and righteous justice from God To face evil and vicious people. To
face people's slyness. For protection from magic.
8 God and humans. Thanks giving to God. For the beginning of a new job.
9 A song of magnification. When our affairs go wrong.
10 A prayer for God to defend weak people. For those who are driven to court unjustly. For those
who are aggrieved and in pain.
11 A distinction of faith. In cases of panic. To drive demons away.
12 A prayer for help from God. Against abandonment.
13 From despair to hope. For those who suffer from melancholy.
14 Foolishness of the atheist. For the people who are mentally blind. To soften stubborn and
egoist people.
15 Qualities of God's people. To restore bad relations. For the good of our poor fellowmen.
16 The road of faith. Against satanic processions. Against headaches. For the saving of possessed
17 Appeal of a pure heart to God. For the slanderers. To stop those who accuse us unjustly. To
protect us from gossip. For the evil eye.
18 A prayer to God for liberation. For the prosperity of the country and its people. For the
governors to rule fairly.
19 The wonderful creation of God and His perfect law. So that God will forgive our sins.
20 A prayer for the king to win. For the success of our bargains.
21 A thanks for the king. So that the country, the city or the village will have a good course.
22 Ordeal and salvation. For peace in all the world. To stop wars.
23 The sheep and the shepherd. To reconcile chided people. For the heretics to come back to the
right faith.
24 Worship. To soften the hearts of hardhearted people.
25 Prayer of a man who is in difficulty. Against magic. To stop other people from attacking us.
26 Prayer of a just man. For every difficulty in life.
27 Trust and devotion to God. To have a good journey. For peace in our family and our social
28 Prayer and answer. So that God will protect our possessions. Against the sneaking of bad
29 The Thunder of God. To stop natural disasters, hail, frost, earthquakes, floods, storms.
30 A benediction for the extension of a life. To get over the fear of death after accidents.
31 Probation and trust. So that dissipated children will come back home. So that someone will
see the truth clearly.
32 Confession and delight for God's forgiveness. So that God will forgive our sins. So that the
souls of the dead will redeem.
33 Everyone chant. So that the crops and the trees will be fertile. For good social relationships.
34 The care of God for His people. For every misfortune.
35 A prayer to the Lord to defend the right. For the unjustly persecuted, so that the truth will
36 The eternal love of God. So that fanatic Christians will quieten down and understand that God
is full of love.
37 Good and evil. So that God will punish the unfair who harm their fellowmen and don't repent.
38 In a big distress. A prayer for forgiveness. So that the separated will conciliate. For people
who don't care about their homes so that they will care.
39 The short life of man For those who are dying and are afraid and their soul won't come out.
40 Glorification and pray of a burst out heart. In every difficulty in life.
41 A prayer of a sick and lonely person. For the sick people who are in hospitals so that they will
heal faster.

42-43 Wish for (yearning) God. To free possessed people
44 A cry of the nation So that our army won't be defeated from the enemy.
45 A royal matrimonial hymn. So that domesticities will be well.
46 «God is our refuge» So that God will stop natural disasters (a group prayer).
47 Shout and chant. A group prayer to praise the Glory of God.
48 Zion, the celebrated city of God. So that God will protect our home and the inhabitants.
49 Thoughts about life and death. For those who lost their life from a violent death (accidents,
wars, murders etc).
50 God calls people to account. To help us fight ungratefulness and ungrateful people, injustice
and unfair people.
51 A request for recognition. For the forgiveness of our sins. A confessional psalm.
52 The condemnation of the canny. To punish the magicians and those who resort to them. For
the punishment of infernal people.
53 See Psalm 14.
54 A cry for help. So as secrets are not betrayed.
55 A prayer of a man in difficulty. To clear our mind from emotions  
and see things clearly. To  see the truth without sentimentalism.
56 «In God I place my hopes». Against demonic impositions that come from afar and agitate our
57 A prayer among cruel enemies. So that our enemies don't hurt us with their doings.
58 «There is a God that judges». So as to reform corrupted politicians, employees and workers.
59 A prayer for protection and punishment. An afternoon prayer for protection.
60 The nation is defeated. To give courage to hesitant people and find diligence.
61 A prayer of a tired king. For employers that their work is not going well.
62 A psalm of love and rebellion. For young people who are unemployed and can't find a job.
63 A thirsty heart. Read this psalm after every successful deal to promote it in the future.
64 A prayer for protection. So that the conspirators and the traitors will be punished.
65 A hymn for thanksgiving. So that the crops will do well.
66 Praise and worship. National and personal. So that God will protect the nation.
67 Harvest. So that God will protect the goods of the earth from disasters and robberies.
68 The triumphant song of Israel. So that our army will defeat our enemies.
69 A prayer of a man in great ordeal. When big destructions happen.
70 An urgent call for help. In cases of extraordinary need.
71 A prayer for old people For old people who are alone so that they don't sadden.
72 A prayer for the king. To judge righteously.
73 The injustice of this world. To stop slander and gossip.
74 Cry for the destruction of the temple. When we feel deserted from our family and our friends.
75 God is the judge. So that God will give justice.
76 A hymn of liberation. Against all kinds of magic.
77 Past and present. Consolation for our sorrows.
78 Lessons from Israel's history. To bring ungrateful people to their senses.
79 Jerusalem is ruined. In times of true repentance. So that our enemies will leave empty-handed.
80 A prayer for the restoration of Israel. So that agrarian products will do well.
81 The message of God during harvest. So that stubborn people will see reason and think
82 God's justice. So that judges will not wrong the innocent.
83 A prayer for help. To stop mass attacks from the enemies.
84 A song of the pilgrim. Everyday prayer.
85 Thanks giving and prayer. To set a right course in our life.
86 A prayer of a man in difficulty. So that God will help us in dead-end situations and other
difficulties in life.
87 Zion, city of God, mother of all nations. For peace in the family.
88 Cry of a desperate man. So that God will help to the extension of a man's life.
89 Hymn and pray. So that God will forgive our sins whether we made them wittingly or not.
90 Life is short and hard. For people who are troubled unjustly from cruel men.
91 Trust in God and settle down. For headaches and other physical pains. So that pregnant
women will have a good delivery. To free a dying man's soul who has difficulty.
92 «Song for the Sabbath». So that God will give us His blessed goods.
93 «The Lord reigneth». So that God will enlighten us.
94 God's justice. So that God will punish those who are unfair. So that God will stop those
people who go to magicians to harm other people.
95 Worship our Creator. A prayer for every Monday.
96 The greatness and glory of God. A prayer for every Tuesday.
97 Praise The Lord. A prayer for every Wednesday - Against magic.
98 A song unto The Lord. A prayer for every Thursday.
99 God forgives His people. A prayer for every Friday.
100 «The Lord is God». A prayer for every Saturday.
101 The declaration of the king. So that people will be decent with their transactions.
102 The cry of a man in ordeal. For psychological illnesses.
103 The love and mercy of The Lord. A group prayer to ask the mercy of God.
104 For God, the Great Creator. A prayer for those who travel, the drivers, the marines, aviators
and passengers.
105 A hymn to God for His covenant with Israel. For every sad, poor and suffering man.
106 Israel's disobedience. A Sunday afternoon prayer.
107 A hymn to God The Redeemer. A special prayer for the traveller, the captive, the sick.
108 A hymn to God. So that hesitant people will be diligent.
109 A cry for revenge. A call for help. For the ungrateful people who turn against their
110 «A king and priest forever». A thanks giving for the salvation of the people. To read it on
Sunday mornings.
111 A praise to God. For those who are going to take school examinations.
112 Blessed is the man that respects and obeys The Lord. For people and especially for children
who have phobias.
113 Our peerless God. So that wick people will be cured.
114 An Easter hymn. God with His people. A thanks giving prayer. To read it every day.
115 The Living God. The lifeless idols. A group prayer for every evil.
116 A hymn of thanks giving. So that God will help to save a man's life.
117 Call for glorification.
118 A hymn for the feast of the tabernacles. So that God will help in the achieving of a good
119 For the glory of the word of God. To stop rebellions and national disasters.
120 Against slanderers. Against those who traduce us. Against gossip.
121 God the Keeper. For all kinds of magic. To cure psychasthenias.
122 Jerusalem, the city of God. So that God will guard a city or village form disasters.
123 An appeal for mercy. So that God will help us get out of a dead-end situation.
124 God the Saviour. A prayer to read in national feasts.
125 Trust in the Lord. Before going to sleep. So that God will protect us from night attacks of the
126 Laughter and tears. For the prosperity and diligence of a place. For the well being of our
127 The uselessness of the human effort without God. To resolve economic differences without
128 The blessings of the man who respects and obeys The Lord. For every new outset in our life.
129 A prayer for the fall of those who afflicted the people of the Lord. For people who persecute
us constantly.
130 Prayer, expectation and hope for redemption from God. To put our affairs in the hands of
131 A psalm of pure faith. So that God will pacify restless and naughty children.
132 In remembrance of the day that The Ark was brought to Jerusalem. A general prayer.
133 The family unity of the people of The Lord. In times of rainlessness so that rain will come.
134 A psalm for those who guard the Temple at night. An everyday thanks giving psalm.
135 A glorification hymn for public worship. Thanks giving psalm - every day.
136 «The great glorification» So that new-born children won't get sick.
137 A cry of the exiled in Babylon. So that the exiled and the captured will return to their homes.
138 A hymn of thanks giving. So that God will guard the women and children who are under
persecution or war.
139 The God who is there. Against all obscure powers and their servants.
140 A prayer for help. Against those people who go to sorcerers. Against evil gossip and black
141 A prayer so that we will have good reactions. So that our fellowmen don't hate us without
142 A prayer of a man who is alone and in difficulty. For all those who are persecuted. So that
disunity will go and peace will come.
143 A prayer for help from God. Against depression and evil eye.
144 Hymn for the victory of the Lord. So that God will bring peace.
145 «Great is the Lord» So that irresponsible people don't destroy the natural environment.
146 A personal glorification. To boost our fallen moral.
147 A national thanks giving. So that the people of the nation will prosper.
148 Universal Glorification. So as to say a small thanks to The Most Merciful God.
149 The ode of the faithful people of The Lord. So that God will judge those who do us wrong.
150 Choral glorification symphony. A group prayer to praise The Lord.
Actions of Grace: 18, 56, 95,116.
Worship: 28, 94.
Adversity: 33, 101.
Afflictions: 56.
Air travel: 138.
Alliances: 107.
Ambitions: 100.
Anemia: 21, 37, 72.
Anger: 4, 36, 37.
Animals, protection of 35, 134.
Bad dreams: 90
Bad language, evil talk: 5, 63, 90, 119.
Beasts, domestic: 103, 106.
Beasts, savage: 57, 90, 123.
Birds: 49, 103.
Cocks: 21, 31.
Blasphemy (against): 14, 23, 113.
Blessed oil: 103.
Blood, diseases of: 6, 123.
Bones, diseases of: 6, 21, 33, 101.
Broken limbs: 37.
Calumnies (against): 4, 14, 37, 39, 51, 56, 62, 71, 108, 118, 139.
Cancer: 37.
Cattle: 49, 113.
Character, good: 20, 21.
Charity: 11, 14, 32.
Chastity, purity of life: 11, 23.
Chest, diseases of the chest: 21, 72.
Child, (to cuts one): 36, 101, 112, 126.
Child, retarded: 15
Child, sick: 8.
Children, protection of: 35, 70, 113, 114, 126, 147.
Choice in life: 24, 142.
Clouds (against): 103.
Cold: 147.

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