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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happiness Is a Choice...

Happiness Is A Choice,
You Can Choose To Be happy In Any Moment.
Excitement is High Vibration,
Your True Desires Are High Vibrations.
 Success Is High Vibration
When Your Emotional Vibrations Are High
You Attract And Manifest Your True Desires More Freely.
Your True Desires Are The State Of The Source .

Wich Is Abundance, Freedom, Love Power,
Awareness and Total Success in Everything?

Higher Vibrations Are Connected To Divine Life
And They Will Attract All Good Things
You Divinely Desire In Your Inner Being.

All Things Are Spirit In Form

Choose To Feel Positive, Choose to Feel Happiness, Joy, Bliss, Appreciation, Gratitude, Love Peace, Admiration, Choose to Feel Certainty, Confidence, Faith, Courage, Hope, Freedom And Trust.

Constantly Fight And Push Negative Feelings....♥♥♥

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