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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Prayer of Forgiveness

Prayer of Forgiveness

Seeking to eliminate all obstructions that prevent my evolution,
 I will devote a few minutes to forgive.

From now on, I forgive everyone who, in any way, has offended me, caused injury or harm, or unnecessary difficulties. I sincerely forgive those who have rejected me, hated me, abandoned me, betrayed me, ridiculed me, humiliated me, frightened me, and deceived me.

I specially forgive those who have provoked me to lose my patience and react violently so that afterwards I felt embarrassment, remorse, and inappropriate guilt. I recognize that I was responsible as well for the aggressions I received, as several times I trusted negative individuals, allowed them to make a fool of me, and let them discharge
on me their bad character.

For long years I endured hostility, humiliations, wasting time and energy
in the useless attempt to have a good relationship with those people.

I am free of the compulsive need to suffer, and free of the obligation to mingle with toxic individuals and environments. I have just started a new phase in my life, in the company of friendly, healthy, and competent people: I want to share noble feelings,
 while working for the progress of all of us.

I will never again complain, speaking about sorrow and negative people. If by chance I think about them, I will remember that they are already forgiven and dismissed from my intimate life indefinitely. I am thankful for the difficulties those people have caused, as they helped me evolve from the common human level to the spiritualized level in which I am now.

When I remember the people who have hurt me, I will seek to value their good qualities, and I will ask the Creator to forgive them as well, preventing them to be punished by the law of cause and effect, in this life or in future lives. I acknowledge they were right in rejecting my love and my good intentions, as I recognize that everyone has the right to repel me, not correspond, and keep me out of their lives.

(Pause and take a few deep breaths to accumulate energy).

Now, I sincerely apologize to everyone who in any way, consciously or unconsciously, I have offended, injured, harmed, or displeased. Analyzing and making judgment of everything I have done throughout my life, I see that the value of my good deeds is enough to pay all my debts and redeem all my guilt, leaving a positive balance in my favor.

I feel at peace with my conscience and, with my head raised, I take deep breaths, hold the air in, and I concentrate to send an energy chain to my Superior Self. As I relax, my sensations reveal that this contact has been established.

Now I send a message of faith to my Superior Self, asking for orientation, in an accelerated pace, for an important project I have in mind, and towards which I am already
working with dedication and love.

I thank, with all my heart, everyone who has helped me, and I promise to pay back, working for my good and for the good of everyone else, acting as a catalyzing agent of enthusiasm, prosperity, and self-accomplishment. I will do all in harmony with the laws of nature, and with the permission of our Creator, eternal, infinite, indescribable, that I, with my intuition, feel is the only real power acting inside and outside of me.

So be it, so it is, and so it will be. 

From Kat Miller

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