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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Positive Affirmations for Anxiety Relief



I am relaxed

I am calm

I am at peace with myself and the universe

I am part of the whole of creation

I am one with every being on the planet

I now attract soothing and calming energy into my body

I now accept the warmth and love the universe is giving out

I now love myself

I am a loving giving being allowing the power

 Of the universe into my life.

I am accepting myself the way I am right now

I am accepting the universe the way it is right now

I now allow peaceful warm light into my body

I now allow the light inside to lift me up

I now allow the light inside to sooth me

I now allow the light inside to be me

I am safe and secure in knowing I am not alone

I am calm and relaxed; all is well in my world

right now right here

Positive affirmations can be a true gift if you use them regularly. They are meant to generate the kind of wonderful energy you want in your life.



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