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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Positive Affirmations for Success & Abundance

Positive Affirmations for Success & Abundance:

I am happy

I have lots of energy

I love my job/career

I love people

I love helping people

I love sharing with people

I easily and effortlessly communicate with everyone

 Everything I touch turns out great

I attract only positive experiences in my life

I attract positive, happy people in my life

I attract opportunities for growth in my life

I attract opportunities that increase my income

I attract the people who want what I am offering in my business

I am open and ready to see the opportunities available to me

I am open and ready to receive success in my life today

I now easily and effortlessly take action steps in front of me

I am now creating the life and work I dream of.

I am now the person I dream of being right here, right now.

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