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Monday, November 19, 2012

Walk By Faith Not By Sight"

This Story is about the DVD “Walk By Faith Not By Sight” From The Watchtower Society . 

You remember the scene where the couple loaded their
stuff on the donkey as they escaped out of Jerusalem. 

The video was made at Patterson and the brothers
 built a very realistic cobblestone street, and a well. 

The set was left standing outside beside the Audio/Video building for a number of months while shooting.  It was dubbed “Holywood”.

But they needed a donkey for a particular scene. 
Now to rent a donkey can cost  $1000 a day. 

One of the Bethelites at Patterson working at the Audio/Video at the time remembered a return visit  who had a donkey and asked him if the Society could borrow the donkey for the video. 

They agreed to let him take the donkey for however long it may take to make the video. 

So, the brothers went and fetched the donkey.  His name is “Doc”.

Over the next month or so,  “Doc” could be seen up on the hillside near the orchard and he was so cute!!!  

 The brothers took excellent care of him, fed him, played with him and gave him lots of attention.  “Doc” was cooperative, but it took some strategy on the part of the cast members to do some maneuvering in some scenes with him. 

He also had a few special meals…getting treats from leftovers (figs and greens) from some scenes.

But then came time for “Doc” to go back to its owner.  Well,  he wasn’t the same….he couldn’t adjust to being back home and became depressed. 

So its owner called up Bethel telling them that his donkey is depressed because the brothers took such good care of him and he misses the attention as well as the brothers who took care of him. 

 Guess what?? 

The brothers must now make return visits not only on the donkey’s owner but also on “Doc”.  The donkey gets very excited to see them and now the donkey’s depression has gone away.  This speaks volumes about man’s relationship with Jehovah’s creative Works.

From Walk By Faith Not By Sight" DVD


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