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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Inner Smile Meditation

Close your eyes and imagine that someone you love is sitting in front of you, smiling at you.
It should be a person whose love, or at least genuine affection, you can easily feel.
As they are sitting there, smiling at you, think of another person, and imagine them sitting there, smiling at you. Continue adding people until everyone you know, whose friendship or love you can feel, is sitting in front of you, smiling with genuine warmth. Feel their warmth, friendship, and love. If you are a religious person, you can also add spiritual figures, whose love you feel or believe in. If you believe in God, of course include God. If it feels right, you can even add hosts of angels or bodhisattvas or any celestial beings that have meaning for you.
Now, just bask in the warmth of all of those smiles. Really feel all of that love pouring toward you, and begin to reflect it back. Feel yourself smiling with all of that friendliness and love. Then just allow your awareness to flow through your body, smiling at every part of your body. Keep smiling until you can feel the cells in your body dancing alive. Any time you lose the feeling, bring back all of those faces, smiling at you, and feel their warmth. Then you can continue to smile into your own being. When you feel complete, let the image fade and notice how you are feeling for a short while. Then slowly open your eyes and move gently into your daily activities.

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