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Sunday, October 6, 2013

100 Reasons to Be Happy Today

100 Reasons to Be Happy Today

1. Every new day is another chance to change your life.

If you have dreamed of some things that you would like to have in your life, today is a great opportunity to do even some small things that will take you to the path that will take you to your dreams.

2. This day is an opportunity to be better than yesterday.

If you pursuit every day to be better than yesterday, your self esteem and happiness will increase. Don’t try to be perfect, just focus on being a little bit better person in every way, every day, and you will achieve great things and happiness in the long run.

3. You can be who you want to be right now.

It doesn't matter what your situation looks like, you can start being who you want to be today, no matter how your life is at the moment. You don’t have to sell your house to be adventurous or have more money to share it more. Just ask yourself: “How can I be that person I want to be in this moment?”

4. The glass is both half-empty and half-full.

Your attitude and thoughts define your reality, so you can choose how you see your life starting today. Finding compassion even for the worst in human behavior, and working to inspire the best will make you happy, too.

5. Happiness comes from your own actions.

You can do anything you want today to make your life better if you just decide to do so. You can spread joy around you, even if you don’t have everything you want. Giving joy to other people will make your day happier, too.

6. You have great friends.

You have good friends in your life that you can share your inner feelings with. If you don’t have that many close friends, today is a great opportunity to make new friends.

7. You can learn a new thing today.

Learning new skills is very rewarding and helps us to proceed in life. It is possible to learn something new every day, so start thinking what you would like to learn today and just find ways to learn it. Now when we have the Internet, it is so easy to learn anything by just asking Google.

8. The summer is coming soon.

If the summer isn't coming in the next months where you live right now, it will always come in one year anyway. Remember the feeling of warm sun on your skin, the smell of coconut sunscreen, not having to wear a coat even at night, sunglasses, freckles, cold beer, the beach, tan lines, the smell of freshly cut grass and the faces of happy people? Thinking about summer and the good times you will have then makes you feel good.

9. You are alive.

This is the first day of the rest of your life. Nobody lives forever and we really don’t know when it is our time to go, so why not try to enjoy our lives today like it would be the last day of our life? Enjoy your day to the fullest and make other people notice it too.

10. You are already complete.

Realizing that you don’t really have to be anything else than what you already are, there will be a joyous energy behind what you do. The realization of the fact that you are a perfect human being on a deeper level already right now, without all the things you’d like to have in the future, will make you happier and less needy.

11. You are unique.

It doesn’t matter whether you are introverted or outgoing, book smart or street smart, technical or creative and so on – You are the only person in the world who is just like you and the only opportunity to share with the world what you can and what you are.

12. You have an influence on the world.

It doesn't matter whether you influence millions of people or just mean the world to one person in this world – your impact is still powerful, whether you realize it or not.

13. You can change the world.

No one can change the world instantly, but every one of us can change someone’s world today. Do you have a friend or a relative that you haven’t contacted for a long time? You can make someone happy today just by making a single phone call. If you make changing peoples lives a habit, you can eventually change the whole world.

14. You can feel emotions.

Emotions make our lives worth living and every day is a great opportunity to have great feelings. Even the sad feelings and emotions are good because they make us feel alive and after those emotions the good days will feel much better.

15. You can change your perceptions.

It is possible to view the bad things that happen to you as things that will make you stronger and the obstacles that come on your way as opportunities to learn. It doesn’t matter what happens to us – all that matters is our perception of what is happening.

16. You have accomplished great things.

Even if you don’t remember them all the time, there are many great things that you have already accomplished in your life. Try to remember them everyday and be proud of them.

17. You can be creative.

Today is an opportunity to do something that gives joy to you and to other people. Write something, draw or paint, take nice photographs or go to sing karaoke. Do what you enjoy doing and express your feelings – it will make your day much happier and if you let other people see you expressing your feelings, you will give a lot to them, too.

18. You can change your state of mind by engaging in a physical activity.

Every day is a new possibility to decrease our stress hormones and increase endorphin's and thus improve our state of mind. It doesn't cost anything and only takes like one hour.

19. You can take responsibility and be empowered.

Often when we are angry, we focus on what other people have done wrong, but the problem with that is that it gives away our power. If we, on the other hand, focus only on ourselves and what we could have done better, we will feel less bitter and more empowered.

20. There is only now.

We can’t change the past and we don’t know if we even exist in the future, so why not embrace the moment? It is possible to be completely alive right now and take our lives as they are given to us without thinking the past or the future.

21. To be upset over what you don’t have is to waste what you do have.

You can grasp this idea today and start appreciating every small thing that is already great in your life. We often forget those good things because we only focus on the things we don’t yet have, but this can be avoided by focusing on the things we already have.

22. There is something good in every day.

Even if every day may not be good, there is always something good in every day, so let’s focus on the good things that will come along us every day.

23. You can eat something healthy today to make you feel good.

Food is medicine, so why not choose something tasteful and healthy when going to the food store? We can enjoy the great taste of good food and after eating it we can enjoy the good feeling that healthy food gives us.

24. Life is beautiful.

If you just relax, take it easy and stop hurrying, it is possible to open your eyes and start seeing all the beautiful things around us in everyday life. Listen to the birds singing, smell the scents of spring, see the beauty of the nature in all its flowers and trees, enjoy all the colors you see, appreciate the good architecture around us, and listen to good music. The list is endless and the only thing that matters is that you open your eyes and ears to the beauty.

25. We are in this life together.

Think about the fact that we are only a very small part of the universe and we don’t even know if there is life elsewhere. We are so small part of this world but we are in this together. Why not start appreciating all other human beings and start feeling that we are part of a great community.

26. Shared joy is a double joy, shared sorrow is half sorrow.

Today is a great opportunity to share our joys and our sorrows. If the day was going to be good, it is in our hands to make it double as good, or if it was going to be bad, we can choose to make it only half as bad.

27. You can start writing down the good things that happen.

In a study, people became gradually happier and happier over a six-month period, simply by writing down three good things that happened at the end of each day, and the reasons why they happened. Small shift of focus towards gratefulness will bring great results and you can start it today.

28. You can achieve something today.

We are happy when we get something done. The best way to be happy is to find out the real goals in our own lives and then start doing things to achieve them. It is possible to make it a habit of doing every single day something that gets us even a small step closer to our big goals.

29. The weather is good.

The weather outside is always good. If it is sunny, everyone usually enjoys it, but you can learn to find the positive side of other types of weather as well. If it is raining, the air will be fresh afterwards and all the trees and plants will grow better. If it is cold, you don’t have to sweat and you can wear all the nice winter clothes you have. If it is snowing, you can enjoy how everything around you looks beautiful and white. So you can decide today that the weather is good no matter what.

30. You can listen to music.

Good music will mirror our feelings or change our moods and give us a lot of joy. Today is a good day because we are able to relax and let the music make us feel good.

31. You can enjoy the sunrise.

One of the most beautiful things in the world is the sun rising in the horizon. It costs nothing to watch this scenery, it is available for all of us and the show is arranged every morning.

32. You can enjoy the sunset.

If you missed the sunrise, you can always watch the sunset. You’ll never know which colors and patterns you will see, but every time it will be different and always amazing.

33. You can book a ticket to far away.

Today is a good opportunity to plan your next great trip abroad. See how much you have spare money, decide where you want to go next and just book the tickets. It’s really simple in the online era and it will make you feel good instantly.

34. You can start learning a new language.

Learning a new language opens and challenges your mind and opens up possibilities. You can start learning a new language right now just by learning a few new words.

35. You can try something new.

Sadness can be caused by boredom. Why not go out there and try something completely new to amuse you? Do things differently, take a different route to work, eat in a different restaurant, try a type of movie you wouldn't normally watch or talk to people you wouldn't normally talk to.

36. You can find the love of your life.

Every day is a new opportunity to meet new people, and sometimes one of them will change our life. Even today you will have many possibilities to get to know new people – be open-minded and out going, you never know what will happen.

37. You can do a random act of kindness.

Try to do something for other people without expecting to get anything back. Doesn't it make you feel great?

38. You can make peace with an old enemy.

Sometimes we have people in our past that we didn't get along with. Why keep hatred alive when there is a possibility to reverse the situation and make peace with somebody, or even turn it into a friend?

39. You can get a thing you have wanted for a long time.

Maybe you haven’t had enough time or money to get something that you have wanted for a long time. Just go out and get it today – it will show you that you are still alive and you can still meet your desires.

40. You can arrange a surprise party.

What would be a better way to surprise your friends and make them happy than arranging a surprise party? It doesn't have to be anything huge, but just arrange something fun and you will enjoy it as much as your friends will. Ask your friends to bring their other friends with them as well, and you will meet lots of new people, too.

41. You can say something nice to someone today.

We often forget to say all the good things aloud that we have in mind. Today is a good opportunity to say something nice to people we know or, even better, to people that we don’t know. Sometimes other people will remember the nice things that have been said about them for as long as they live. Never underestimate the power of nice words.

42. You can flatter yourself.

You don’t have to wait for someone else to flatter you or say nice things to you. Say nice things about yourself – to yourself. Hearing it, even though it is you who is talking, will make you feel better.

43. You can help other people.

Today is a good opportunity to go out and give a helping hand to someone who needs it. When you help somebody, you will actually get more joy to yourself than the one you are giving.

44. You can enjoy your own time.

If you haven’t spent enough time alone, today is a good day to take some time just to enjoy your own company, to stop, to look around, and to think about where you are and where you want to go. Knowing yourself better is very valuable.

45. You can fix something.

There’s always a small thing to fix somewhere and you can fix it today. If you don’t know instantly how to do it, you can always ask Google and learn it. Learning something by doing is a perfect way to gain more confidence and pure joy.

46. You can create value to others.

Creating value to the society around us is the biggest purpose we can have in our lives. It means everything because it helps others, makes us feel needed and happy, and usually it is the best way of making a living. Create value to other people today.

47. You can get rid of a bad habit.

If you smoke, today is a perfect opportunity to quit. If you are addicted to sugar, just stop eating it today. One perfect reason to be happy today is that you can get rid of a habit right now.

48. You are able to laugh.

One of the best things in life is to have so much fun that you can’t stop laughing. When was the last time you laughed? Do something today that makes you laugh.

49. You can make other people laugh.

Spread the happiness around you and tell a funny story or a joke that will make other people laugh. It’s a small thing that will make your day better, just like it will make it better for those with you.

50. You can laugh to yourself.

We often take ourselves and our lives too seriously. After all, why don’t we just try to see the world as a one big joke and then try to laugh at it as hard as we can? What about ourselves? It is not worth taking ourselves too seriously, because after all, we might miss the joke of a lifetime.

51. You can be yourself.

Every day is a great opportunity to start being who you really are. Just stop caring about what other people think and express your true self to the world today.

52. You can follow your own path.

It is amazing how empowering it is to do something that other people don’t expect you to do and then watch the admiring reactions, when other people realize that you are doing exactly the things you want to do without caring about what other people think.

53. You can love.

To love is one of the greatest feelings that we can have, and best of all, we can love different things in our lives: our partner, relatives, friends, people in general, animals, nature, travelling – in other words we can love anything and everything.

54. You can take a risk.

Taking risks in life is very rewarding, makes us feel alive and often helps us to achieve something we want to achieve. It is possible to take a small risk today and do some thing even though you are not sure about the outcome.

55. You can remember.

We have all the great memories of past with us and they will make us happy every day as long as we don’t forget them. Think about the best memories you have and you can feel the joy again.

56. You can dream.

Dreaming keeps us alive and makes our lives worth living. Never stop dreaming and don’t let your imagination limit you.

57. You are gifted.

We are all good at something. Remembering those things that we are good at (they can be anything) and using our gifts today will make us happy today.

58. You are able to change your beliefs.

Most of the things in life that we think are impossible for us are usually really not, but the only thing preventing us from doing them is our very own belief system. A great reason to be happy today is to know that we can change our beliefs and change our lives starting today.

59. You have a passion in life.

We all have our passions in life, although we haven’t always found them yet. Today is a great opportunity to spend some time thinking about our core needs and true passions and start living accordingly.

60. You have time.

As long as we live, we have all the time to do all the things we want to do. If you don’t have enough time for the things you love doing the most, then you must change your work or other duties so that you will have enough time for the really important things. Remember that it is you who has the final decision to how you want to spend your time today.

61. The weekend is coming soon.

Most of us enjoy the weekends most and it is always coming soon. If you are one of the people that don’t work from Monday till Friday or if you like your work more than your free days, there is always a day that you can wait and that will make you feel happier.

62. You are able to make choices.

Thinking about the fact that we can make choices everyday that have consequences is very empowering. Think about the choices that you can make today to make a change in the world.

63. You are in abundance.

You don’t actually need anything but you already have everything you need to enjoy the moment to the fullest. Appreciate everything you have and give part of what you have to others.

64. You are lucky.

You are lucky because of something. It might be a perfect girl- or boyfriend, good friends or your financial situation, but you are always lucky because of something. Don’t forget those things.

65. You are healthy.

One of the things in life that people appreciate the most, although usually realize it only when it’s too late, is their health. If you are not in a perfect condition, focus on thinking that a day will come when you will feel good again. If you have a sickness that is impossible to cure, enjoy the fact that you are able to appreciate every single day for the rest of your life like normal people usually are not.

66. You are a strong person.

Think about all the things in your life that you have been able to cope with. You are a strong person and a survivor. Isn't that a perfect reason to feel good and proud of yourself today?

67. You can look better today.

There’s always something that you can do to make you look better and, therefore, feel better. Get a new haircut or buy some new clothes – put on different makeup or go to the gym. It’s up to you what you decide to do, but it’s good to realize that you can do something about your looks starting today. It’s not superficial to take care of oneself.

68. There are more good things in the world than bad things.

If you only watch the news, you might get the impression that there are only bad things happening in the world everyday. The news are biased and focusing only on the bad things, so remember that in reality, there are far more good things happening around the world than bad things.

69. You have a purpose.

Even if we might not know why we are here, one thing is for sure: we always have a purpose in our lives, and if we don’t seem to have a purpose at the moment, we can always find one. One good point of view is that we are here for our own growth and to experience happiness right now. One can then decide how to manifest one’s own happiness in life through a chosen purpose.

People_Different_people_Family_Happiness_026542_70. You have a home.

I’m taking a risk here because I know that not everyone in the world has a home, but if you have a home, it is something that you should be happy about. You have a shelter where you can feel safe, where it is warm and cozy and where you can do all the things that you don’t want everyone else to see. Be happy about it.

71. You can believe.

One big source of happiness is that we human beings are able to believe. It doesn’t really matter what you believe in but remember to never stop believing because it gives us hope and satisfaction in everyday life.

72. You can hear.

We often forget how great it is that we have senses. Wouldn't it be horrible if we didn't have any? Today you can remember how great it is that you can hear. Think about how different your life would be if you couldn't hear music and all the noises and voices of other people and then be happy about the fact that you still have that sense.

73. You can see.

Life would be much different if we could not see. Anyone who has lost one’s vision would probably give anything to get back the ability to see. Let us not take this for granted but instead appreciate all the beautiful things in life we can see every day.

74. You can taste.

Eating is one of most important things to our survival – and just imagine how boring it would be if we could not taste the huge variety of different flavors in the world. Eat something today that tastes good and be happy about the fact that you have that ability to taste the delicious food.

75. You can smell.

Sometimes we forget how nice it is to be able to smell things. The scent of a woman, the smell of a good food when we are hungry or the smell of fresh air in the sea while we are sailing are things we should be happy about. And the best thing is that you can smell hundreds of nice scents today.

76. You can feel touch.

Remember the warm feeling in your body when someone you like touches you? Focus today to that feeling if you can and get into a situation where you can touch someone or be touched.

77. You can feel pain.

Our life would be really dangerous if we could not feel pain. Pain is something that informs us of the things that we should not be doing and keeps us alive. When you feel pain, remember that and be happy about the fact that you have that kind of sense that helps you to remember what you should not do.

78. You can say “thank you” to people.

Saying “thank you” to other people when there is a reason for it is such a small thing but still many of us forget it sometimes. It is a small gesture of kindness that feels good, so remember to say those two words as often as you can today and see how they make you feel good.

79. You are living the best time of your life.

If you really start to think about it, there are so many reasons why this is the best time of your life. No matter what you have done or what you haven’t done, all the experiences have made you what you are now and even if you don’t know what the future might bring, today you are living the best time of your life if you decide to see it that way.

80. Your age is perfect.

Many people worry about their age, but they just haven’t realized yet that every age is perfect. Wouldn't it be horrible to stay young forever, when all your friends and relatives get older? Life is supposed to be lived so that we live every year in the best way possible and there are good things in every part of our lives, we just get the satisfaction from different things as we grow up. After all, the age is just a number – you decide what you want to do with your life right now regardless of your age.

81. You can cry.

It might sound a little bit strange at first, but being able to cry is something that we should be happy about. We can cry because we feel sad, because we are happy or because we are moved, but crying helps us to let our feelings out. So if you are crying, be happy about it.

82. You can dance.

Dancing is something that doesn't really seem to have any purpose at first sight, but in reality it has a very important purpose – the purpose of making us feel good. It relaxes our bodies and minds, helps us to forget the world and enjoy the moment. It also makes us feel better about the music we are dancing to. Dance a little bit every day, even if it is only for one song, to feel happier.

83. You can get rid of your anger.

Anger is one of the feelings that consume our precious energy that could be used for something useful instead. Help yourself to get rid of your anger today by learning some anger management skills. You will make a lot more space inside you for the positive feelings.

84. You can listen.

You have the skill to listen. You can use your important skill today and listen to what your closest people have to say. Listen to their problems and good stories without any judgment or guidance and you will get it back in some way sooner or later. You can also listen to what nature has to offer. Birds are singing, the city has its own sounds, wind is whispering something to you and sometimes you can just enjoy the silence – if you just listen to it.

85. You can hug someone.

Physical contact with other human beings is a huge source of happiness. Do something like that today. Hug your friends, relatives, or even a stranger if you like, and the world will be a little bit better place for you to live.

86. You can make a list of all the things you want to do in your life before you die.

Making a list of the things that you want to do in your life before you die is a great way of making those things more accessible. You can write the list today and do one the tasks right away. I promise that it will empower you and make you feel happier instantly.

87. You can get rid of jealousy.

Jealousy is quite common and a very unnecessary feeling. It is usually an indicator of our own happiness. When people are happy with their own lives, there is no reason to be jealous of anything. Focus on making your life like you would like it to be – it will make you feel less jealous of anything.

88. You can send a gift to someone.

Giving something to other people makes us happy. You are able to do something nice today for someone by sending a small gift. If you can’t come up with anything special and tangible, why not just send an e-mail with a nice link or a funny picture to someone? It will make you feel good, too.

89. You can stop worrying today.

Worrying is not mandatory – it’s something we do because we decide to do so. The better option is to decide not to worry about things and just focus on the good things and enjoy life. You can make that decision today and feel happier because of it.

90. You have the possibility to make today the best day of your life.

If you don’t let your mind set you limits, you can realize that right now, today, is the best possible opportunity to have the best day of your life. Just break your normal habits and do something that you would usually never do. You never know where you will end up today if you just let yourself be totally free. This really can be the best day of your life.

91. You can accept the things you cannot change.

Often we worry about things that are actually not possible for us to change. This is such a waste of energy. Today you can think about the things you usually worry about and if you find out that there are some things you cannot change – then this day is a good opportunity to decide not to worry about them.

92. You can change the things that are possible to change.

There are many things that we worry about but do nothing about them even if we could. It is a waste of energy because we could feel better by just doing everything we can to fix those things. Doing it today can make you feel happy right away.

93. You can tackle a dreaded task.

Working and tackling a task that you have postponed for a long time is a great source of happiness. The best thing is that you can do it today and feel great instantly afterwards.

94. You can have a good conversation with a stranger.

It is very rewarding and fun to sometimes start a conversation with a stranger. You can do this anywhere: In an elevator, in a shop, in the workplace or on the street. You never know what you will learn and if you keep in mind that there is always something good in every person, you will have so many good conversations in your life that will make you happier.

95. You can play.

Sometimes we adults think that playing is childish and it is not normal for adults to play and have fun with silly things. I think this is nonsense. Playing and having fun like a child is one of the best things in life. Let’s not think about what other people think – let us just have fun and let our inner child come out and play with the world.

96. You can sleep long.

Sleeping is one of the great things in life. It feels good, makes us feel refreshed and focused when we wake up and helps us to clear our minds. You can almost always sleep long – just go to sleep earlier today if you have to wake up early tomorrow. It always pays to sleep enough because after a good night sleep the next day will be much more enjoyable.

97. You can clear some clutter.

Usually outer order contributes to inner calm, and clearing clutter has a positive effect to us. Today is a good opportunity to bring order to a messy closet, kitchen counter or an office desk. This seemingly small task gives, for some reason, a bigger boost than you might expect.

98. You can distract yourself.

You can find your area of refuge, read a good book, watch a good movie or watch some sports on TV. There are many healthy ways of letting yourself take a break from your worries, and when you come back to them, you’ll feel refreshed and have a better sense of perspective.

99. You can get an inspiration.

Today you can find an inspiration for anything in your life. Think about all the things you would like to get done or achieve and how you will feel when you get there. Today is a great opportunity to find the burning desire inside you and get things started.

100. You can share this list with all your friends.

Now you have 99 small but meaningful reasons to be happy today. The 100th reason to be happy is that you can send a link to this list of 100 reasons to be happy right now to all your friends so that they can find happiness in their lives today as well. Spreading the happiness in the world will make us happy, too. Now just go out and live your life to the fullest!

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