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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Robert Kiyosaki’s 10 Keys to Financial Freedom

1. Accept Full Responsibility

Every choice you make has its own consequences, some of which may 
cause damage to your wealth irreversibly. Hence, you must accept 
complete responsibility to secure your financial future. 
Understand that every decision and choice you make today 
will impact your life tomorrow. Therefore,
 it is essential that you evaluate all your financial decisions, 
purchases and expenses within the context of your 

long-term financial objectives.
2. Control Your Spending
We live in a consumer-driven world where we are compelled to spend continuously. 
Your spending habits are one of the main reasons
why you won’t be able to secure your financial future easily. 
Track your every expense and think twice before making any purchase. 
It will be hard to do so at first, especially if you are prone to uncontrollable spending, 
but once you learn how to manage your expenses, 
then moving towards achieving your financial freedom will be a cakewalk.
3. Having a Budget is Crucial
Creating a budget and living within its limitations is crucial for achieving financial freedom in your life. A budget gives you the input you need to manage your income and control your expenses. In short, a budget gives you a sense of accountability.
 If you want to secure your personal finances, then a budget will provide you 
with tools to achieve just that.
4. Pay Yourself First
One of the key fundamental practices to achieve financial freedom is to work for yourself,
rather than work for a bank or a credit card company.
 Learn to pay yourself first before you pay someone else. 
By doing this you achieve two things: you make yourself richer, 
and you stop getting poorer. 
Only when you save money today can you invest it tomorrow, 
ensuring your financial freedom in the process.
5. Never Have Any Debt
Debt is one of the leading causes of financial insecurity in many people’s lives.
 It starts consuming you from the inside, stopping you from pursuing your dreams,
 hopes and goals in life. Debt deprives you of a happy future. 
Being debt-free should be one your unrelenting goals in life, 
and you should commit yourself totally to stay that way.
Debt-free living should be your passion if you want to achieve financial freedom.
6. Establish an Emergency Fund
An emergency fund is a cash cushion that will support your living expenses for at least 3 months. It can also come in handy when you need to cover unforeseen expenses in your everyday life such as repairs, medical expenses and other emergencies. 
Having an emergency fund is essential to make sure that you don’t resort to debt when such situations arise. Ensuring that your living expenses will be covered will also give you 
“peace of mind”.  One of the best ways to have a cash cushion is to set up an alternate bank account and start saving for your emergency fund.
7. Never Stop Learning
Educating yourself about financial matters regularly should be your top priority.
Today, there are countless sources to update your knowledge about the finance industry
 and how it works. Take full responsibility of your financial life 
by committing yourself completely to it. Instead of reading all topics in one sitting,
 you can start learning one subject at a time.
 For example, you can read about home budgets
 if that is what you are interested in. Likewise, there are many other financial matters 
that you can learn consecutively, thereby increasing your overall financial literacy.
8. Have Clear and Concise Financial Goals
If you don’t have any clear defined financial goals, 
then it will be very hard to work towards securing your financial freedom.
 If you want to establish a big business, 
work towards it by starting your own company. 
Alternatively, if you want to be an investor, learn to pick the right opportunities 
and grab them immediately when available. 
Only when you have your financial goals clearly in your mind will you be able 
to recognize your true potential.
Having goals and working towards them
 will also motivate you to life the life you've already dreamed out.
9. Network Marketing
The low startup cost of setting up a network marketing company is a great advantage to have.
 It is very hard to start a big business without huge investments and time. 
A network marketing company will give you the time you need to build your business
 skills and transition from being a low-level employee to a highly paid 
businessperson. Hence, networking marketing 
is one of the perfect ways to secure your financial freedom. 
Network Marketing supplies you with a residual income, 
so you make money while you sleep and travel.

10. Simplify Your Life
Life is becoming more complex with almost every passing day. 
Running after money and your financial goals will distract you from things 
that are very important in life.
 As a result, you will start to lose your motivation and slump into the darkness. 
Hence, it is very essential that you simplify your life by freeing up your mind of all the clutter.
The key to financial freedom is very simple: 
convert your regular earned income into passive income or portfolio income. 
With this in mind, it is very easy to achieve the goals you desire without giving up 
on things that you hold close to your heart.

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