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Saturday, January 14, 2017

How to Stay Positive Around Negative People


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Top 5 tips on How to Stay Positive

    1. Express Gratitude: Gratitude is such a powerful thing.  There are so many books written about it too.  It is so important if you want to have a positive and joy filled life.  Whenever someone does a good deed for you, offer your sincere gratitude.  Say thank you.  Speak positively about them to others too as this will help to reinforce your positivity.

    1. Offer up Positive Words: Whenever you hear ill words being spoken about someone, you should try to say something positive about them. When people start complaining, it is so easy to join in and begin seeing the negatives also.  By stopping yourself and saying something positive, you can help to bring to change that person’s perspective and bring about a change in their mindset.

    1. Refuse to Participate in Negativity: This tips follows on from the previous one. Whenever people are speaking negatively, rather than standing there and listening, why not attempt to change the subject.  By doing this you are stopping the negative talk and defusing the situation.  If they don’t want to change the subject, tell them that you don’t want to be a part of their negativity and gossiping and walk away.  By removing yourself from the situation you are stopping negativity from seeping into your energy field.

    1. Be Constructive: If you have something that you wish to say about another person’s behaviour, you should try to say it to them using constructive feedback. People will always appreciate your honesty.  What people don’t appreciate is being talked about behind their back.

    1. Ask Powerful Questions: This tip might be more difficult to put into practice but it is very powerful.  If you do find yourself in a situation where people are gossiping and speaking negatively, you could ask them if what they are doing is going to get them their desired outcome.  By questioning what they are doing you might be able to make them see that gossiping doesn’t serve a useful purpose and can be hurtful and damaging.

When you apply these tips, people will see that you have no interest in their gossip and they will either stop doing it around you, or better still stop doing it altogether. You will be seen as someone who is honest. Your relationships will start to improve because people will trust and respect you.  By eliminating negativity you are helping not only yourself, but those around you too.
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